Shipwreck Pants sitcom serial by Sandy Bliss Clocktower Books


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4. Ah, off to the Mall!

From Shipwreck Pants to World Fashion. Our heroes, including Robin Caruso, Sandy Bliss, Tom Melchior, and the rest of the gang, don't just hang out all day in a wind-worn little strip mall overlooking a huge parking lot by the sparkling blue Pacific Ocean.

They hop in their vintage VW Beetle or other snazzy transpo, and rattle off with their ponytails flying and sunglasses flashing, to dine at nice (but affordable) restaurants in Mission Valley, catch the lastest fashions in upscale Fashion Valley, take a leisurely stroll in picturesque Grossmont Center Mall, or on a rare rainy day, walk in one of our few entirely enclosed malls like the one in El Cajon.

Urban Centers: Fabulous Malls, Parks, and Picturesque Neighborhoods. Many young San Diegans can't afford the pricey lodgings near the ocean. Those who have lived a long time near the sea may also be tired of night fog (the famous Marine Layer), and a lot of rambunctious activity by day and night, so those men and women may work in the beach communities but actually live in quiet, palm-shaded neighborhoods in inland communities like Mission Gorge, La Mesa, Santee, or El Cajon (to name just a few). No matter where in the world you go, people are all the same: a few saints, a few horrible ones, and mostly fine, decent people who aren't perfect (which makes them interesting) but they'll stop to help a stranger (and that makes them wonderful). The natives know where to go, away from the touristy spots, and enjoy a quiet stroll on the beach, or sit in the sunshine with a craft beer and watch beautiful people stroll by.