Shipwreck Pants sitcom serial by Sandy Bliss Clocktower Books


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2. Robin and Tom: A Harbor Walk

Tom and Robin have their moments, like we all do.

Actually, Tom and Robin seem destined for each other. They don't really have arguments, as far as anyone would notice. They do bicker about minor things sometimes. Whatever.

My favorite image of them is walking hand in hand along one of those understated but gorgeous San Diego locales on a sunny day. I'm talking about the seaside walk on Harbor Island, with Coronado a quarter mile across the blue San Diego Bay waters sparkling with a million points of sunshine. The downtown skyline lies a bit south, and the famous Coronado Bay Bridge a little farther south beyond that. To the north lies the harbor entrance between North Island's U.S. Navy base, and Cabrillo Point with its amazing, high views. Let's take one thing at a time.

Tom and Robin are taking a little time off to be together alone, away from the gang at California Beach up the coast. Here they are, strolling along a clean, mostly deserted sidewalk, in the middle of a breathtaking view all around.