Shipwreck Pants sitcom serial by Sandy Bliss Clocktower Books


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1. Robin and Tom: a Love Story

It's a love story within a love story.

Robin Caruso and Tom Melchior have found each other in life. They are both in love with San Diego.

Now they are falling in love with each other, which isn't as quick and simple as one might think. Otherwise there would be less of a story here. Not to mention the other fascinating (mostly young) characters who drift in and out of California Beach, a neighborhood by the sea.

Robin Caruso owns a fashionable little clothing store called Shipwreck Pants at the beach, while Tom drives a shuttle van for the city's hotels.

Robin has a married sister, a year older, named Isabel (Belle) Tango who lives in Paris, France. The two women try to visit with each other about once a year, as they can afford it. Belle coordinates a Bed and Breakfast network (BnB) across Europe from her company's Paris headquarters, with lots of interesting stories and characters on her side as well. We'll get to that some time later but for now let's just deal with our fascinating San Diego story and characters.

Here we see a quick, almost blurry snapshot of Tom and Robin at a garden party not long ago. If it looks as if the photo was taken in a hurry, that's right. Life moves on the fly. These two look very happy together. In fact, she's wearing a love note on a cookie around her neck, which he gave her as a gesture of courtship.