Shipwreck Pants sitcom serial by Sandy Bliss Clocktower Books


= Shipwreck Pants =

Welcome: Beach Cities Sunny Suspense Series

by San Diego Author Sandy Bliss (Jean-Thomas Cullen)

What's there to beach about? In SoCal, plenty. From Nestor and Border Field Park on the U.S. Mexico Border to the northernmost San Diego County coastline (Oceanside area bordering San Clemente in Orange County). Our heroes (young men and women) of the Shipwreck Pants community spend a lot of time surfing, swimming, and just hanging out when they are not working hard at their jobs. Some are entrepreneurs like Robin Caruso; others are among many thousands serving the tourist industry; and others yet are finishing college while working as baristas and bookstore clerks and many other occupations. We'll get to know some of them, and their hangouts and adventures, as this website develops.

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